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In our fast evolving world we all need to take control of our lives, our careers and our futures. Young people leaving school, college or university face a confusing array of options. There’s no shortage of advice. But sometimes, none of what’s being offered really appeals. Swarm offers something different- unique apprenticeships throughout Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex.


A Swarm apprentice has to have a positive attitude and has to be the one in a hundred willing to take responsibility. They're also eager to learn and willing to undertake a project with their employer that means that both they and their employer can measure their impact on business performance.


Swarm is not for everyone, but there’s lots of support for those comfortable with taking ownership. Employers may choose to follow our flagship enterprise qualification or alternatively enterprise training that runs alongside any sector-specific apprenticeship qualification.


This flexible, business-focused approach is why Swarm is spreading across the UK.  Employers like the Swarm approach in developing apprentices to deliver results and not just tick boxes, and so do those young people who have what it takes to be a Swarm apprentice.


Swarm is different. We don’t follow the herd; we listen and respond to you.


Our Quest

Want to join our quest to find, and give a real opportunity to the one in a hundred? Check out the latest Swarm news and events here.

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An enterprising approach to apprenticeships

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