Apprenticeships are not just about obtaining a qualification on the job. Its about proving you can do your job to the best of your ability.

An new apprenticeship is a work based educational journey where an apprentice will work on the job and study off the job working towards an industry set occupation-focused standard.These standards contains a list of skills, knowledge and behaviors an apprentice will need to learn and apply on the job and then have their competency and knowledge assessed at the end by an external body.  

This educational journey will also involve developing other knowledge and skills like applicable Math's and English, the understanding and championing of British values and developing a thirst for lifelong learning and development.

High Quality Delivery as Standard

  • Training focused on measurable development and not just ticking box's

  • Project based learning around the needs of the business

  • Real workshop training in central locations

  • Regular work place tuition one 2 one tuition

  • Support and advice for your mentors, managers and for the business itself itself

  • Business mentors who support in project and general professional development  

  • Highly experienced tutors who are proven business professionals and entrepreneurs

Swarm supports people to:

  • Apply what they learn in our training sessions into results focused action

  • Spot opportunities to develop their roles, teams  and business to aid in achieving the vision

  • Measure and demonstrate their own impact to show a return on investment for the business

  • Understand your business and become more commercially accountable and proactive

  • Become the agile leaders of tomorrows new economy

Leadership & Management Level 5

(Apprenticeship Standard)

This higher level standard is fantastic in developing individuals with a large amount of accountability and responsibility within the business. Ideally this is for individuals in more senior level management/project management roles who may already have some practical experience but who wish to develop and apply high level business and operational management skills to become a more enterprising business leader.

Accreditation: ILM Level 5 Diploma for Leaders and Managers &  membership of the institute of Leadership & Management 

Team Leader & Supervisor Level 3

(Apprenticeship Standard)

 Management and Supervision Level 3 Apprenticeship

This new apprenticeship standard is aimed at developing a wide range of individuals who are either at the start of their career in team leading and management or for those already in management roles who may already have some practical experience but wish to develop and apply enterprising management skills and mindset in developing them self, their team and business. 

Accreditation: ILM Level 3 Managers Diploma & membership of the Institute of Leadership & Management

Associate Project Manager Level 4

(Apprenticeship Standard)


This higher level 4 Project Management apprenticeship standard is designed to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviors of someone who has to manage both small and large projects. The potential opportunities available for organisations are huge as projects can be large or small, defined and delivered within different contexts and across diverse industry sectors.  

A Swarm trained project manager will develop a more commercial mindset and use enterprising skills to think creatively in knowing what needs to be achieved, how it will be achieved, how long it will take and how much it will cost, and works with the a team to achieve the required outcomes

Accreditation: AMP Project Management Qualification (PMQ) at IPMA Level D

Business Administrator Level 3

(Apprenticeship Standard)

 business Administration apprenticeship

This advanced Business Administrator apprenticeship standard is ideal for developing new and experienced people to have a highly transferable set of knowledge, skills and behaviors that can be applied in all sectors.

This includes small and large businesses alike; from the public sector, private sector and charitable sector. The role may involve working independently or as part of a team and will involve developing, implementing, maintaining and improving administrative services. Business administrators develop key skills and behaviors to support their own progression towards management responsibilities.

Accreditation: Level 3 Diploma In Business & Administration

 Customer service apprenticeship

Advanced Customer Service Apprenticeship

This qualification is directed at individuals working in any sector or environment where developing customer relationships is a key part of the role. The course will cover the practical skills for dealing with people both internally and externally and learning to measure the wider business impact of developing customer service processes within the company.