EMPLOYER SPOTLIGHT: Nikki Long at GML Consulting

Nikki Long: General Manager

Nikki Long: General Manager

Q:What does your business do? What’s your job role/responsibilities? 

A:GML Consulting offers a range of services under the umbrella of Marketing Consultancy, mainly in the world of the internet and digital arenas. Those services include web, systems and app design & development, graphics design & illustration, marketing & search engine optimization, plus web hosting & IT support – to name just a few of the many aspects of work we cover.

My responsibilities comprise managing our clients’ accounts, project management duties, organizing our teams and arranging to push successful delivery of our many goals and objectives.

Q:Why was it set up? What are the aims/goal/mission of the business?

A:Initially set up to cover IT support and web design, over the years the scope of GML Consulting has grown along with our mission statement. Ultimately, our aim is to be a vital helping hand to people and businesses in the promotion of their products and services. We seek to provide invaluable expertise, assisting them in meeting their core objectives.

Q:What’s its history?
A: The company was founded eight years ago by George Laws. From a small IT support and web design firm, it grew into a specialist web development house, extending through applications and systems creation with a much larger team. From there, GML diversified into graphics design, and finally into marketing – including online advertising and search engine optimisation. 

Q:Any new developments on the horizon?

A: With work done over the last few months on internal projects and systems, we are looking to develop our processes to the point of maximal efficiency. On the very close horizon, we are expanding our Marketing and SEO Team in order to better serve the digital needs of our clients, as well as looking to continue the growth of our Development teams. Additionally, in 2016 we are working on building more beneficial partnerships and contracts by working ever more closely with our core clientele.

Q:What can an apprentice do for your business?

A: Apprentices are invaluable to GML Consulting for multiple reasons. It’s useful for GML to bring apprentices on board, being able to train them in-house and ensure they reach a high level standard of work and ability. With the skills learned from our apprenticeship program, they help the business to grow at an improved and steady, fast rate by allowing better, more prolific delivery for our clients.

Q: What can you see outside your office window?

A:There are plenty of windows to see out of in our well-provisioned office. The GML building offers unparalleled 360 degree views of the scenic car park and business centre located near Whiting Road. If that doesn’t float your boat, there’s plenty of wide open sky to take in during the brief moments when not deeply involved in a task or project.
Q:What’s the one thing you never leave for work without?
A: Other than arriving with your fob (your access key to the office building), there are no real physical requirements. All you need bring is a readiness and willingness to plough on with what usually promises to be a busy day’s work.

About GML Consulting

GML Consulting is an established Norwich-based digital marketing agency, home to a diverse range of skills and services which are used by local, national and international businesses. Our specialized teams help companies to make improvements to their brand outreach and bottom lines. We accomplish this through professional development of websites, applications and systems. We contribute with bespoke graphics design and illustration. We handle entire marketing schemes through e-mail and paid advertising campaigns, in addition to offering continuous search engine optimization processes. On top of that, GML provides web hosting and complete technology and systems support. Offering all of the above and much more in between, there’s plenty of creative and rewarding work going on beneath our office roof.

GML Going Forward

GML has seen steady growth over the years, and as a whole we continue to pursue further expansion. We have been developing stronger, closer partnerships with our core clients while engaging in internal projects to increase our capacity and efficiency. As a result, our client base is broadening, we are able to upsell more of our services, and we have been able to take more apprentices and high-skilled staff on board.

GML’s Apprentices

Our company highly values the apprentices that choose to work for us. It’s hugely beneficial to GML to be able to not only provide young people with the opportunity to learn about an office environment, but also to ensure they are being trained to a high standard of ability. With apprentices learning specific, relevant skills and best practices, they assist us in being able to serve our clients and continually grow our business.

While working at GML, our apprentices are welcomed wholeheartedly into our team, where they receive the opportunity to learn a great deal about our industry. They are able to acquire an aptitude for teamwork, and knowledge relevant to the sector they want to pursue. GML’s partnership with Swarm Enterprise means we also engage in apprenticeship schemes to teach apprentices a range of I.T and project skills. This is accompanied by the excellent entrepreneurial training provided by Swarm trainers which imparts vital business skills to complement each individual’s apprenticeship. Ultimately, the aim is not only to train up our workforce, but provide them with the confidence and business knowledge to be able to contribute to – even challenge – our work practices.

A great many of our apprentices do seek further employment here, taking up the offer of a full time position to continue learning and growing as core contributors to their department or team. Those that do help us to explore new avenues, bring new ideas to the table, and strengthen various areas of our business and increase our scope. Those who don’t stay at GML eventually go on to enjoy success with the various skills they have learned – in web development, project management, or otherwise.

Currently, we’re pleased to have several apprentices across our departments. There is one apprentice in our Projects team, four in our Development team, and two on our Technology team.