Chris is the Chief Executive of Swarm and is most happy coming up with ideas and talking, he loves talking...

Chris is blessed with some special gifts called dyslexia and dyscalculia. Incorrectly labeled as learning difficulties, these gifts have enabled him to think differently, change perceptions and connect the dots others would not see. It does mean however he has a special relationship with grammar and his desk is, well, a bombsite..

Chris has extensive experience in the further education sector, serving many roles in a national training provider.

In 2011, Chris joined the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce and, working directly under the CEO, quickly became an increasingly recognised and respected figure in the Norfolk business community. 

Chris was a non executive director of Swarm in 2013 and officially joined Swarm in 2014 to grow the business to become a national brand.

Chris is a bit of a corporate renegade and challenges stifling tradition,needless bureaucracy and champions profit with real social purpose.

As a Christian, Chris is very much influenced by his own faith and this in turn has influenced the development of Swarm's moral and social values. Love, compassion, tolerance and the celebration of diversity are very much part of the Swarm way of doing things.