Harry, as a youngster, was not the greatest lover of school. This led to him turning his hand to business at a very early age, and gaining a practical view of the small business world.

Harry has a knack for viewing the world from a different angle to most, allowing him to be creative within the business environment, and with life in general. This creativity has allowed for an interesting and fun approach to all things.

With a background in logistics, and over twenty years running his own businesses, and busniess mentor, Harry finally returned to education, which has led to a passion for combining academia with the real business world. This has led to joining Swarm, and applying his experience and passion to aid the growth of the company.

As in the Swarm tradition, Harry likes to challenge business ‘norms’, and is a great believer in business with a social purpose. Therefore, not only allowing businesses to adapt to the new, and uncertain environment they are now faced with, but also to create real value to what they do, and not just in a financial sense.

Harry has always followed an ethical code, and truly believes in doing what may not be easy, but is the right thing to do. This aligns him with the Swarm approach to the world, and finding his own place in it.