End-point assessment

When a Swarm learner reaches the end of their training journey, we work with their employer to thoroughly review all the gained knowledge, skills and behaviours and make sure all components such as Maths and English have been achieved. We then mutually agree if the apprentice is ready to move onto a process known as End Point Assessment. This review is known as the “gateway”. Only when both Swarm and the employer agree that the apprentice is 100% ready, they then take steps to get them ready for an external and independent process called  End Point Assessment.


What does End Point Assessment look like?

Each apprenticeship standard has an employer designed synoptic end-point assessment and whats involved carries across different standards. It is separate to any qualifications or other assessment that the apprentice may undertake during our training and the apprentice will not be able to achieve the apprenticeship without passing the End Point Assessment.

What’s involved?

EPA as we call it (End Point Assessment) can take many forms but its always done by an external independent organisation that is listed on the Register of Apprentice Assessment Organisations. This can normally take 1-3 days depending on the standard and normally be a mixture of 3-4 different types of assessments. Below we give examples of some of the types of assessments you can expect.

Is it graded?

Yes, each part of the EPA has a weighted percentage attached to it and an overall pass mark is normally a combined percentage that grades you between:

  • Fail

  • Pass

  • Distinction

Typical Types of End Point Assessment


Tests and Examination

Normally this is an electronic exam that tests scenarios, questions and responses of the apprentice. The test itself sometimes is multiple choice but depends on the standard and what level the learner is doing. 

Don't Worry, Swarm will do trial runs and mock tests way before this happens.


Portfolio of Work

The completed learning portfolio will be assessed by the Independent Assessor who makes their own judgement on the quality of the work. It will comprise of a collection of evidence (preferably in an online portfolio with written, audio and video evidence)

Don't Worry, we will have created one with your help throughout the apprenticeship.



Sometimes a presentation is required when a project has been completed as part of the apprenticeship standard. Depending on the apprenticeship and its level, this presentation can be either electronically presented or in person to a panel. Sometimes there is a Q&A (Question and Answer session)  involved if you are presenting to a panel.

This can be daunting but Swarm invests in professional support to give each learner lots of advanced presentation training and practice runs



Depending on the standard, knowledge and competency is sometimes assessed via an interview with an EPA assessor. The interview is usually conducted using a range of media (telephone interview, live media, online or written), whichever is the most appropriate for the standard and the apprentice.

Don't Worry,Swarm invests in professional support to give each learner lots of interview training and practice

Don't Worry


Our tutors, mentors and trainers will get you 110% ready for EPA before you reach Gateway and only when you and your employer feel confident will we put you forward. We invest in very very good trainers and support staff to get you to confident in going for a Distinction.