Lucy joined Swarm at the start of the Futures Project from the Public Sector.  She spent almost 12 years working in Pastoral Welfare in High Schools. Working on a day to day, face to face basis with 11-16 year olds and all associated outside agencies and parents. Lucy really enjoys working with challenging situations and had had to learn to be a diplomat and negotiator.

Prior to working in Education, Lucy worked in a vast variety of different roles. At the age of 19, following 6th form, Lucy joined the Royal Air Force as a Communications Systems Analyst. Lucy left the RAF when she got married but stayed in the forces environment, living with her family in Germany and Cyprus. She worked in the hospitality trade for many years, progressing from part-time Barmaid to Deputy Head House Keeper.  Whilst in Cyprus she worked as troop clerk for the Royal Logistics Corps Bomb Disposal Team.
    Lucy lives with her partner, and his children, two cats and three chickens and enjoys socialising, gardening, DIY and having a jolly good laugh, sleep and food also come high up the list..