GML Developer Team Apprentice Profile: Ben

Why I Wanted The Role

Before starting my apprenticeship, I studied Computing, IT and Electronics for two years at Dereham Sixth Form College. I had been wanting to move into some sort of programming job for a few years but after doing a website project at college, I decided that the web industry could be a passion that was suited for me. The role at GML was perfect as it allowed me to follow my growing passion for web development, as well as learning and training in other skills at the same time.


What I Like Best About Working For GML

What I like best about GML is the atmosphere and the people who work here. They are absolutely amazing and it is incredibly fun and interesting to be working with everyone as a team. The work often presents a challenge too, which pushes my boundaries and allows me to learn more, and help me to tackle the same challenge in the future.

Skills I’m Learning

I am learning a wide variety of programming skills, such as a multitude of coding languages, programs and applications. I am also learning how to coordinate efficiently within a team, as well as how to manage a project between several web developers.


What Are The Benefits Of Being An Apprentice

Being an apprentice gives me the ability to learn from a huge variety of knowledge and experiences. As well as this, I get valuable hands-on training as you are actually doing the work involved in your sector and building relevant skills at the same time.