GML Technology Team Apprentice Profile: Hayden

Why I Wanted The Role

I’ve always had an interest in computers from a very young age, and I spent a lot of my time working with computers before ever being employed in it. When I saw the apprenticeship available with GML, it seemed like the perfect job for me.


What I Like Best About Working For GML

Above all I enjoy working in the GML office environment – it’s a great building, has excellent facilities, and all the people are uniformly helpful and friendly! On top of that, it’s always nice in my role to leave customers and clients happy, plus I really enjoy the sense of achievement I feel when I’ve mastered something new.


Skills I’m Learning

The range of things I’ve learned make it difficult to cover all of it. In essence I’m learning everything to do with I.T and technical support. That includes handling clients’ servers and email accounts, sourcing and installing hardware, plus troubleshooting and problem-solving of various kinds. In the small team I’m part of, dealing with a busy workload, there’s lots to learn about co-operation and the realities of working in this kind of industry.


What Are The Benefits Of Being An Apprentice

The biggest advantage I can think of is that, while learning key work skills and relevant abilities within my area of interest, I also get to work towards two official qualifications. With the Swarm Enterprise and IT Apprenticeship Level 3 qualifications, I’m going to be better placed to pursue this career path moving forward.