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Papa Smerf

Papa Smerf


Robert Ashton is the founder of Swarm and best-selling business author , charity trustee and entrepreneur who helps individuals, organisations achieve a greater positive social impact through economic self sufficiency. He always challenges assumptions to find new ways to solve the problems that prompt people to approach him for help 

He’s been described as a ‘disruptive innovator’, because uses his unique ability to challenge the status quo, not for the sake of it, but because it enables him to reach the goal he can usually clearly see.

Robert' makes you realise what is possible when you think differently and while being completely honest and open about the scale of the work and the challenges that will lie ahead. 

A dysfunctional upbringing, failure at school and an IQ of 155 make Robert the man he is today. People say he is ‘different’ as his willingness to confront injustice and inequality illustrates.

He likes to do some interesting things and this includes being painted blue and wandering around a city center, presenting barefoot on stage and throwing eggs at an audience. Yes our founder is different and also a bit brillient..