Sally joined Swarm full time at the beginning of January 2019, after having helped in the offices for about a year.

In previous reincarnations, Sally has worked her way from filing clerk to Personal Assistant before meeting her husband Harry in 1991, of all places in a chocolate factory!  Yumm!

Fast forward, 4 children and running several businesses later - in September 2013, Sally went to university and gained her degree in Business Management in 2016, by which time the last business was sold.

However, she says, “running a business is very different from learning the academics of a business in university.  What it did do was consolidate all the experiences of the past 20 years, bring them up to date, make sense of why and not just how things are done which has cemented my knowledge further in management of people, processes and practices and business analysis”.

In her spare time, Sally is a bit of a foodie and loves to create wholesome dishes and awesome cakes for her family and friends.

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