It’s tough trying to make a difference in the world when future funding is so uncertain. Balancing compassion with commercial reality is the tightrope we all have to walk. Grants and commissioned contracts are reducing. Social impact bonds and earned commercial income are playing an increasingly important role in funding the services we deliver.

It’s no different for Swarm. As a social enterprise with strong moral and ethical values, our focus is on changing lives and growing organisations, rather than doing just enough to get paid. It’s probably the same for you. We never just tick boxes for funding.

To succeed today everyone in your organisation needs to be commercially aware ,comfortable managing budgets and have the enterprising ability to spot opportunities to grow and enhance their organisation. So we’ve adapted our apprenticeship and training to help you deliver the organisation change you need to succeed in the future of the new social economy.


The good news is that anyone who needs new skills in your team, 16-60 yrs, can join a Govt funded apprenticeship programme. This means that those in your team with years of service delivery experience can now develop new skills and grow their commercial awareness. Naturally our delivery style is very different for older learners and we won’t try to teach anyone to suck eggs but we will challenge their comfort zone !
Like you, we exist to make a difference in the world. Let’s discuss how together, we can help your team become even more effective.

Swarm has designed the delivery and style of training content of some of our business and management training and apprenticeships to reflect the unique needs, culture and values of social organisations. As a social enterprise,swarm also lives by the same strong moral and ethical culture that defines other social organisations. Humanity, tolerance, equality and compassion live at the heart of swarm and its this that drives us in supporting our learners to become more innovative and enterprising.

We do not believe in just gaining qualifications for doing more of the same. We encourage, coach and enable each person to learn new skills that have real impact and support them in measuring both their commercial and social return.


Swarm have taken the Level 3 Business & Administration Diploma and given it a third sector slant to focus on developing both commercial and social purpose. 

This apprenticeship is ideal for individuals who can be empowered to develop projects, systems, processes and even teams whilst learning to innovate and work independently using original and creative thinking to deliver impact and growth.


Swarm have taken the Level 3 Management Apprenticeship and developed the training to focus on developing teams who drive quality, profitability and social purpose. 

This  is ideal for individuals who are empowered to lead innovative, dynamic and teams to achieve both the intended social impact and profitability.