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Duration: 15 Months


  • Maths, English & ICT Level 2 (If Required)

  • Training Workshops & Project

  • 121 Workplace Tuition

  • Business Mentor


Swarm have taken the Level 3 Business & Administration Diploma and given it a third sector slant by customising the training content to focus on developing both profitability and social purpose.

This apprenticeship is ideal for individuals who can be empowered to develop projects, systems, processes and even teams whilst learning to innovate and work independently using original and creative thinking to deliver impact and growth.

With its five mandatory business knowledge units and array of optional units, this apprenticeship can be fine tuned to develop the skills needed for a wide variety of roles in the organisation. 

The off site group training workshops focus on developing the core mandatory business enterprise knowledge, as well as developing project management, business management and leadership and teamwork skills.  The one 2 one tuition will cover the more bespoke knowledge required for individual units chosen that are tailored around the role. 

The course is underpinned by real project that is agreed with the organisation and demonstrates real value. This will be something for which the participant has responsibility. They will have sufficient autonomy to influence and measure the bottom line impact they deliver. Learning throughout the programme will be applied to this project, making the course relevant and practical rather than abstract and theoretical.


Cost of the Apprenticeship: £2500

Funding: 90% Funded By the Skills funding agency, so you pay £250 unless you have fewer than 50 employees and the employee is aged 16-18, or aged 19-24 and a care leaver (or with an EHC plan) in which case the training is fully funded 

Additional Support for Small Employers (Under 50 employees)

16-18 Year old Incentive

If you take on an apprentice who is aged between 16-18 or aged 19 to 24 who have previously been in care or who have a Local Authority Education, Health and Care plan, you as a small employer you will receive an extra £1,000 towards the extra costs of supporting them. This will be paid to employers in two equal instalments.


  • Sally is aged 45 and employed by any company regardless of employee numbers.
    • Government Funding: 90% of £2500
    • You pay: £250
  • Robert is aged 18 works for a small employer with under 50  employees.
    • Government Funding: 100% of £2500
    • You pay: £0 and receive £1000 incentive in two installments
  • Alex is aged 18 works for a large employer with over 50 employees.
    • Government Funding: 90% of £2500
    • You pay: £250