Swarm: A swarm is a large group of individuals who share a common goal and together move as one

The Swarm team live by continually developing their relationships with one another. These relationships are based on empowerment, honesty, mutual trust and most importantly, compassion.    

Swarm shares leadership, encourages innovation and enables the team to feel that they are both equally valued and respected.It is through our shared values that we move forward with a single purpose.

The Directors

Robert Ashton

Non Executive Chairman

"Brilliant & Different"

Chris Perry

Chief Executive Officer

"Visionary Cheerleader"

Carl Long

Harry Harris

Chief Commercial Officer

"The Business Addict"

Management Team

Lucy Martin

Lucy Martin

Compliance & Administration Manager

"Passionate & Loyal"


Sally Harris

Head of Recruitment and Finance Admin

"Office Ninja"


Sandra Trzepacz

Business Enterprise Manager

"Professional Chatterbox"