Swarm apprenticeships is proud to be a Community Interest Company who’s mission is to develop a more enterprising , compassionate and purposeful business community across the UK and beyond.

Our enterprising and compassionate business values are at the very core of the swarm brand. At swarm apprenticeships CIC, we focus this on making sure every learner and employer on our programs has the best possible educational journey and feels supported in developing mind, body and spirit.

In our apprenticeship training, we know that to succeed today, you need more than ever to focus on developing your managers and leaders to have the right mindset, skills and behaviors which enable innovation,enterprise and growth across your organisation. Above all the training has to deliver results and demonstrate a good bottom line return on investment.

Being a social enterprise we know from experience that social impact can boost profitability, grow staff loyalty and make work much more than just a job. We encourage our learners to demonstrate their impact on profitability and to do this in a way that is ethical, honest and fair.

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man
— George Bernard Shaw

Swarm was envisioned by a man who's passion as a social entrepreneur, is to challenge convention and strive barefooted to change the world for the better. 

Swarms Core Values


Never Give Up On Our Vision


We may adapt our approach but never our purpose

 Swarm Aspires to be diferent

Aspire To Make A Difference


We measure our social and commercial impact and focus our training on delivering results and not just an education

 Social impact is vital

Profit with purpose


Doing business with purpose,humility and compassion

 Swarm CHALLENGES convention

Challenge Convention


We are not afraid to challenge the status quo so we can find opportunities to develop internally and externally.

 swarm takes a DIFFERENT approach

Do Different


We take the road less traveled so we can see solutions to problems that others cant see.

 swarm embraces diversity and diference

Celebrate Diversity


We embrace the needs of others and treat people with kindness and compassion

 Swarm is about having fun and making a diference

Have Fun Along The Way

We take the time to enjoy what we do and inject some fun in how we do it