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Next time I see band performing on a big stage, I’ll see the lighting differently. TLS was founded by Alan Reeves in 2013 and has grown quickly to become a specialist in the control of LED lighting. I was captivated, being used to lights that are either on or off. Here are people who can create a wall of light, which can change in colour, shape and intensity as I speak, or if really bold sing.
With his Sales Director Will Kirby the company has grown rapidly, experiencing the inevitable roller coaster effect of exponential growth. Swarm’s journey has been similar, so we had much in common.
The team has grown with the business, with job roles inevitably blurred as the business responds to customer appetite for innovation. It was into this turbulent environment that 18 year old Harry Fabb launched himself as a Swarm Apprentice.
With more than a passing interest in lighting technology and a season lighting the Big Top for a circus, he was not daunted by the challenge of joining this dynamic young organisation. The day before I met him he’d been in Nottingham troubleshooting a technical issue and later this year, is flying to Hong Kong to attend a trade show. This is Swarm apprentice already making a difference.
Life for Harry has not always been this good. He didn’t share the details, but didn’t enjoy a conventional upbringing. Now just 19, he’s emerged confident, engaging and technically competent. He showed me some of his work; I nodded politely hoping my technical ignorance wouldn’t show!
Harry and Alan met by chance. Alan and Will wanted to take on an apprentice, but didn’t simply want a technician, or administrator. They wanted someone who’d learn how the business work and not be afraid to sell, as well as become competent in the workshop. They shared their challenge with Swarm.
Meanwhile, Harry found himself at a jobs fair, feeling a little out of place amongst youngsters who didn’t seem to be that ambitious. He was introduced to Swarm’s Lucy Martin and told her about his circus lighting experience.  That led to an interview and the rest, as they say, is history. 
Harry is now a valued member of the team. As a Swarm apprentice he’s looking forward to a great future. 

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